The Day of Love: be safe for loved ones

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s a day for love!

Why are we talking about Valentine’s Day on a blog focused on ladder safety?

Let me tell you.

Traditionally, today is a day we use as an excuse to buy flowers, chocolates and other gifts for our loved ones. We focus on them and the good things about life. We can use today as a jumpstart to remind us of the importance of safety so we can be there for our loved ones.

Today’s post will be short, but sweet. Celebrate Valentine’s Day today by returning home to your loved ones safely today and every day.

Accident in Malta

A man was working in a warehouse in Qormi, Malta when he fell, getting seriously injured. What could have caused this accident? Let’s go over a couple of potential reasons for the accident and how to prevent them.

Tying Off

Some industries require workers standing above two or three feet to tie off. When tied off properly, a worker’s fall can be prevented. The Cage ladder line is also designed to comply with tie-off rules and to prevent falls.


Over reaching is one of the most common causes of ladder-related accidents and is actually easy to prevent. Follow the belt buckle rule and keep your body between the rungs.

Using the Wrong Ladder for the Job

Using the wrong size or wrong type of ladder for a job is sure to cause an accident. Choose a ladder that is tall enough for the job at hand to prevent an unnecessary accident.

Travel updates

I’ve been on the road for the last few weeks and will be on the road a lot more leading up to Ladder Safety Month in March. Here’s a quick picture from MCAA in Orlando this week. I had a great time meeting with everyone there.

Were you at any of the trainings from the last few weeks?

Fall Protection and Ladder Accident

A North Carolina city worker was climbing the ladder on a 210-foot tall water tower when her harness failed and she fell. She did not fall all way to the ground, but she did pass away as a result of the fall. The accident is currently under investigation, but the employee’s job title “Admin Support” so it is initially unclear why she was on the water tower’s ladder.

What Can Be Learned

If her job didn’t directly have to do with ladders, she probably did not receive the necessary training to use them safely. In addition, it sounds like her fall protection failed. Whenever an employee is climbing a ladder, make sure he or she gets the necessary training. Also, always inspect all equipment and make sure those using the ladder have the proper clothing and footwear. The time to make sure the fall protection equipment is safe to use is when everyone is safely on the ground, not when someone is 100+ feet in the air. In addition, make sure the equipment has been put on and set up the correct way. If the harness isn’t on correctly, it will not do its job.

As far as inspection, fixed ladders receive a little bit different inspection process than portable ladders, but make sure the fixed ladders are in good condition and are safe for workers to climb them.

This tragic story is a reminder to always make sure those using ladders are trained and that all equipment has been inspected.

The King Kombo

The King Kombo is coming soon to a retailer near you! The newest ladder from Little Giant Ladders will be available at retailers starting in late February and into early March. Here is what you need to know about the King Kombo>

There are three versions of the King Kombo, the Professional, Industrial and Technical. The King Kombo comes in a 5′ or 6′.

Here are a few more details about each version of the ladder:

King Kombo Professional

King Kombo Pro will literally help you complete most every ladder task on any job site or any project. You can set King Kombo from storage to stepladder to extension in seconds. For tasks like painting, running wire, or accessing a hard-to-reach corner, you can simply use King Kombo as a safe leaning ladder. Thanks to its rotating wall pad for the leaning position, the King Kombo conforms to and protects inside and outside corners and damageable surfaces like aluminum siding, drywall, and stucco. King Kombo’s speed will blow your mind. You have never worked this fast and safe on a task!

King Kombo Industrial

King Kombo Industrial brings all the power and speed of the Pro, with ultra-heavy-duty feet with seriously aggressive tread for elite traction and durability for harsh industrial environments. King Kombo Industrial also brings a tough corner, pole, and stud gripping V-bar for the extension ladder position. This heavy-duty grip conforms to inside and outside corners and even offers protection for damageable leaning surfaces like paint, drywall, and stucco and round poles. Speed, power, and safety—prepare to be faster and safer than ever on the job!

King Kombo Technical

King Kombo Epic is the bad A—the pinnacle of the King Kombo family. King Kombo Epic offers the speed, strength, and versatility of its brothers with the addition of the most aggressive ladder foot Little Giant makes: the Sure-Set™ combination spike (for soft ground) and tread foot. The Sure-Set foot is the only ladder foot that locks securely when you want it to stay in place and swivels when you need it driven in the earth. Utility, cable and telecom service professionals, you asked for it, we’ve delivered the King Kombo Epic. This King Kombo is lighter, faster, stronger, and safer than the pile you’ve had willed upon you for umpteen years. Get ready!

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