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Our NSC Display

nsc displayWe had a great time this week with those of you who were at NSC in San Diego. We had a large display area set up with some great safety products set up. We introduced our newest ladder, the SafeFrame. We also had some of our other top selling products including the Aerial Safety Cage and the Sumostance.


NSC Presentation with Panel

If you missed it, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on Monday on Fall Prevention vs. Fall Protection.

Here are some of the highlights from the presentation:

NSC panel-The room was absolutely packed. There was standing room only.

-As part of the presentation, we had a panel of industry professionals who talked about fall prevention and how it related to their industries.

-The moderator for the session was Charles Stebbing, VP of the Virginia State Safety Council. We loved his sense of humor and his years of experience in the safety industry. At the end of the session, he said he would like to see our fall prevention message delivered on a bigger stage.

-On the panel, we had Jeff Spackman of Comcast speak about some of the unique challenges in the cable industry. He also talked about how Comcast has partnered with manufacturers to help innovate products that will reduce injuries.

-Nathan Brimhall, of CCI Mechanical, was also on the panel. He spoke about I Care and how his company has focused on the human side of safety training.


We hope those of you who came enjoyed the presentation and were able to leave with valuable material. The moderator said he enjoyed it as well.

If we didn’t get a chance to talk to you, make sure to reach out to us here on the Hub!

New Podcast from our National Safety Director

This week, Dave Francis’ podcast was featured on The podcast talks about ladder safety. It’s a great tool for getting some quick ladder safety tips.

About the Podcast

Dave worked with one of the admins of Creative Safety Publishing, Dan Clark, to put together the podcast. In the podcast, Dave answers common ladder safety questions. He also talks about the concept of fall prevention and fall protection and what can be done to prevent ladder falls.


Here’s a link to check out the podcast. If you have some time, make sure to check it out. There is some great information. You can use the podcast for yourself or as a training tool for your team. The ten questions Dave answered included questions about OSHA guidelines in relation to ladder safety. There were also questions about proper footwear and proper equipment, fiberglass ladders, the purpose of a stepladders’ top rung, worn out safety labels and proper ladder inspection.

Listen to Other Podcasts!

Once you finish listening to Dave’s podcast, make sure you check out the others on their site. They have some other great safety podcasts. There are some great ones talking about OSHA, NIOSH and risk reduction, just to name a few.

Check Us Out at NSC

NSC is this week! We have been planning and preparing for this conference for months. If you are there, make sure you stop by our booth, #829! We have some great, new products on display, and we’ll have people on hand to answer your questions.


Also, TODAY at 1:45, stop by room 24C to hear me speak about fall prevention vs. fall protection. We’re actually going to have a panel of industry experts talking about the specific fall prevention needs in various industries. I think it will be both interesting and informative for those who come. Make sure to stop by room 24C to hear the presentation.

As I mentioned, we’ve been working hard to prepare for the conference, so make sure you stop by to check us out!

Fail Friday episode 8- A bit of history

When doing your projects, remember there’s no need to use “Grandpa’s Ladder” anymore. There have been some great advancements in the ladder industry lately, so make sure you take advantage of them! Here’s just a little bit of ladder history for you, courtesy of our most recent Fail Friday.

One of the Best Safety Videos

This morning, I stumbled on one of the best safety videos I’ve seen. The awesome video was produced by Dominion Virginia Power. The video  was put together in 2008, and has gotten more than 300,000 views since then.

Dominion Virginia Power’s safety officer, Dennis McDade, headed up the project. He has also been doing great things with the company to decrease on-site injuries.

Would you like to see a ladder safety rap like this?

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