How to Teach Ladder Safety

Teaching Ladder Safety is important, and a big part of most of our jobs. Here are a few tips we have put together to help have a successful training.

Use Pictures and Videos

Pictures and videos are a great way to mix up your presentation and to keep your audience’s attention. Videos can be a good way to illustrate a point you are trying to make. It can also be a good way to bring some entertainment to the presentation.

Use Humor

Ladder safety is not a laughing matter, but there are some pictures, videos and other media out there that can help add a lighter side to an otherwise serious topic and presentation. The humor can also be a good ice breaker and a way to foster a group discussion.

Use Visual Effects

In addition to video and pictures, you can use other visual effects to add to your training. You can use PowerPoint. You can also incorporate other visual aids. I like to bring a few ladders with me to show different features, both good and bad.

Use Facts and Figures

The other ideas in this post will help keep your audience engaged, but once you have their attention, it’s important to give them valuable information. Sharing facts and figures can help show the importance of the training you are providing. The facts can also help hit home some of the issues you bring up.

Get Group Participation

One way to keep your audience’s attention is to find ways to get them involved. Ask for volunteers. Call on members of the group to answer questions.   Allow a group discussion. You can even have members of the audience prepare to teach a little bit of the training.

These are just a few things I’ve found helpful in my presentations. Do you have any tips you’ve found helpful?

Ladder Safety While Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows is another one of those seemingly simple tasks that can turn dangerous very quickly. Here are some tips we have for you if you find yourself needing to do some window cleaning.

Never lean or overreach

While on your ladder, never lean or overreach. You might find it tempting as you reach to clean the windows, but overreaching can easily cause the ladder to tip, leading to an injury.

Stay on Level Ground

This is another tip that might seem like a challenge. Usually the ground outside of windows is unlevel, so dig out one side of the ground to make it level. Another option is to get levelers or Ratchet Leveler legs for your ladder. Using a leveler option is the best way to keep your ladder level and to keep you safe.

Consider a Platform Ladder

Ladders with platforms can help make cleaning windows easier. When standing on a ladder, your feet might get sore, so a platform could help with the fatigue. There are a lot of different platform ladders that can help you get the work done more quickly and easily without wearing you out. Little Giant has the Flip-N-Lite and the AirWing. For more hefty projects the Safety Cage and Aerial Safety Cage  are good options with platforms.

The next time you need to wash windows, keep these safety tips in mind.

Safety on Aluminum Ladders

We often talk about ladder safety for a specific style of ladders or for specific situations. Instead, today we will focus on ladder safety with a specific ladder material, aluminum.

Regular ladder safety tips apply to aluminum ladders. Maintain three points of contact. Don’t lean or overreach.

As far as the ladder material goes, the most important safety tip is to stay away from any sort of power lines or electrical wiring. If you think there’s any chance you will be working near electricity, choose a fiberglass ladder instead of aluminum.

Another safety tip when working with aluminum is to be aware of the temperature. When it is too hot outside, the aluminum will be extremely hot to touch. The same goes for when it is cold. The aluminum will be cold, like the temperature. Since aluminum takes on the temperature of its surroundings, be careful and use protection when working in extreme temperatures.

Employer Punished for Ladder Accident

In England, an employer was jailed for a death that happened on his job site. The employer had a 17 year old working for him. The teen was on a 22 foot ladder without safety equipment  when he fell, suffering fatal injuries. Instead of using scaffolding for jobs, the employer used teens to do the dangerous work.

The employer had a record of disregard for his workers’ safety. During his trial, numerous young adults testified on the dangers they faced while on the job. Even when there were incidents, he did not make changes. Instead, he got mad and yelled at his employees.

In his decision, the judge said, “You exposed Beau to the very obvious risk of death by requiring him to carry out that work from a ladder. Your attitude throughout was arrogant, cavalier and utterly reckless.”

The employer was punished with five years in prison for negligent homicide.

This story is truly sad because the accident only happened because the employer chose not to invest in quality equipment. It was more important for him to get the job done quickly and cheaply than it was for him to get the job done safely. Let this story be a reminder to all of us of the importance of teaching our team members the importance of being safe. Every life is important!


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