Rail Inspection2Every now and again, I run across a little article talking about the dangers of ladders. I ran across an article talking about the most common injury-causing products in the house. Number seventeen on the list was ladders. Other items on the list included chemicals, porches and garden tools.

What makes ladders such a hazard?

Ladders aren’t hard to use, but if safety procedures aren’t followed, that’s when they get to be more dangerous. As we have mentioned, more than 300 people die as a result of a ladder accident each year. That averages to about one death per day as a result of a ladder accident. In addition to these deaths, more than 1,000 people suffer major injury because of these types of accidents.

It’s always interesting to see articles ranking injuries and to see where ladders get ranked. In this particular ranking, there were some more dangerous household items, but it was interesting to see what the author had to say about ladders. I was disappointed he did not talk about ladder safety. He just listed a handful of statistics. I wish he would have mentioned a few ways to be safer on ladders. I think it could have made the article more effective.