701f272289c9038f5a84c41cffa43650One of the first steps to being safe on a ladder is choosing the right ladder for the job at hand. Here are a few tips to help you know what kind of ladder you need.

Know the Type of Ladder

The first step is to determine what type of ladder you need. Would an extension ladder work best? Or a stepladder? If you are doing something that requires the ladder be leaned against something, use an extension ladder. Don’t ever lean a stepladder against a wall and use it like an extension ladder.

Choose the Material

If you will be working anywhere electricity, make sure your ladder is made of fiberglass, since this material does not conduct electricity. If you won’t be around electricity, aluminum will work just fine. Both materials are sturdy. Aluminum does ware a little better over time, but as I said, fiberglass is needed if you are near electricity.

Choose the Size

The job you are doing will determine what size ladder you need. You want to make sure you won’t need to stand on the top rung or top cap and that the ladder is positioned so you won’t need to lean. If you need a larger ladder, don’t be afraid to get it. The right size ladder will make your job not only safer, but also easier.

What other steps are important when choosing your ladder?