Today we have a guest post from! This post talks about some of the benefits of eLearning courses and ladder safety. As you know, I love to provide in-person training, but that’s not always possible, which is why eLearning courses can be so beneficial.

Working at height is an unavoidable part of many jobs. The use of ladders is common in workplaces from building sites to offices.

Unfortunately falls from height are a common cause of workplace injuries and fatalities. Many of them could be prevented, but often employees who work at height aren’t given any specific training in this aspect of their health and safety. Whether it’s a librarian using a ladder to put books on shelves or a builder using scaffolding on a daily basis, good quality training is an important part of making sure people know how to select the correct equipment for the job and use it correctly.

1 – Information Retention

eLearning is an increasingly popular way of ensuring staff stays up to date with their health and safety knowledge. When information is passed along in an enjoyable, memorable way, that information is far more likely to be remembered days, weeks or months down the line.

With our eLearning courses, learners can go back over material at their own pace and at the times that suit them best. It’s easy to track which employees have taken which courses and when they were completed, to make sure everyone’s on the same page when it comes to this important topic.

2 – Best Value for Money

eLearning courses are a cost-effective way of meeting your duties as an employer to train your staff appropriately in health and safety, compliance and performance management topics.

There’s much greater flexibility to train staff when it’s not possible to get them in the same place at the same time – especially if they’re based at different sites or remotely! – and if someone’s absent on a particular day, you won’t have to rearrange training in the way you might for face to face sessions.

3 – Quality

As a growing industry, eLearning technology is improving all the time. Increasing “gamification” and improved animation means courses are now more engaging than ever. Delivering information in an enjoyable way can improve learner recall.

At DeltaNet International, our courses are customizable. This allows you to make any course fit the individual requirements of your business and deliver something that’s specific to your workplace.

eLearning is an excellent option when deciding how best to educate your workforce on the subject of working at height.

Good quality eLearning courses are an excellent, cost-effective and flexible way to keep your employees safe when they’re working at height.