training younger workersIf you are doing safety training regularly, it can be easy to find yourself saying and doing the same things. Have you ever wanted to branch out, but had trouble coming up with ideas? Here are a few things I have found that help liven things up a little bit.

Use Video

Everyone loves a good video. Whether it’s a testimonial or a ladder fail, a video will help you get the point across while keeping your team engaged. It’s great to use a video to introduce a topic or to use it near the middle of the presentation to break things up.

Use Discussion

Ask questions that foster discussion. Don’t be afraid to ask your team’s input for ideas to resolve common safety issues. During the discussion, don’t be afraid to give them some responsibility. BD Medical, a company that makes medical equipment including scrub brushes and IV catheters, has its employees look for safety issues and then write about the problem and solution. Over the course of a year, each employee has to turn in a certain number of write-ups.

Incorporate Visual Aids

Graphs, PowerPoints and pictures can all help liven up your presentation to help your team be more engaged. Don’t be afraid to find anything that will illustrate what you are teaching, as it will help your team focus.

Get a Guest Speaker

In some situations, it may be beneficial to find an expert to teach as a guest speaker. Find an expert in the topic you want to cover. Or, find someone who experienced a workplace injury and have them talk about their experience and what they wish they would have known.

Use Pop Culture

Is there a video that’s trending? Or a video that’s gone viral? Find a way to include pop culture into the training, and you are guaranteed to have better attention and focus from your team.

Hopefully you will find these ideas helpful in making your training more interesting. If you have found something helpful in your training, feel free to share it below in the comments!