Grandpa's ladderMore men over the age of 55 are dying than other age and gender groups as a result of a ladder accidents . The organization that discovered this trend is now looking to find the cause of the increase. Here are some thoughts I had about what could be causing these accidents.

Bad Ladders

Old, worn out ladders or non-sturdy ladders are often the cause of ladder accidents. I often talk about “grandpa’s ladder,” that old, rickety ladder your grandpa has had for years. If this is the type of ladder these men are climbing, it is no wonder there is a high number of accidents.

Climbing unsafely

Climbing unsafely applies to a lot of different things – climbing on the top cap, leaning on the ladder, using the ladder on uneven ground, and more. My guess would be the senior citizens who get injured were doing one of these things.

Once the research group mentioned in the article does more research, we will know more of what caused the accidents. For now, however, we are left to speculate and be reminded of what we need to do to climb (and help others climb) more safely.