Choose a fiberglass ladder when working near electricity

A man in Ohio was electrocuted when his ladder came in contact with a power line. The 45-year old man was working on some apartment buildings. His ladder came in touch with the power line, tripping it and causing the power to go out. Residents called emergency personnel, but the man passed away from his injuries. OSHA came after the accident to investigate its cause.

Like we do with these stories, let’s talk about how this unfortunate accident could have been prevented.

If there is any chance you’ll be working near electricity, choose a fiberglass ladder. Fiberglass ladders don’t conduct electricity so they are safe to use near electricity. Of course, you still need to take other safety precautions, but a fiberglass ladder can help prevent these electricity-related accidents.

Our hearts go out to this man’s family. Stories like this one are truly heartbreaking.