Today, our blog post is about a lawsuit involving missing the bottom rung.  In 2017, a man was injured while using a makeshift ladder while descending it. He ended up suing the place he was working, an Orthodox church in New York. A witness saw the man fall after “he appeared to have missed ‘the last step.”

The court threw out the case, saying there wasn’t enough detail to determine the case. However, this case brings some attention to the issue of missing the bottom rung.

Close to 20 percent of all ladder-related injuries involve missing the bottom rung. These injuries range in severity, but often include sprains and broken bones. To prevent these types of injuries, Little Giant designed the Ground Cue™ bottom rung indicator to alert you when you’ve reached the bottom rung with a notification you can both hear and feel. The Ground Cue is available on a handful of ladders, including the HyperLite, SafeFrame and MightyLite.

This lawsuit was a good reminder of the importance of the Ground Cue.  Stay safe.