Career and Hobby-Ending injury

This week, I found an article talking about a ladder accident and injury that happened in June. While technically “old news” the man from the article is still dealing with the effects of his accident.

The story

Troy Mandaloniz, a well-known MMA fighter, was working at his day job in property maintenance. He was working to remove a bird’s nest from the front porch of the property when he suddenly fell 18 feet to the ground. He used his arm to break the fall, and then got up to find someone to help him.

Mandaloniz had been in shock when he was looking for help, but on the way to the hospital, the trauma set in. He started having a seizure in the car, so the driver got him to a fire station where they sent him in an ambulance to the hospital. From there, he was sent on a Life Flight to a larger hospital. At the hospital, they put him in a medically induced coma where he basically stayed for the next two months.

The Injuries

From the fall, Mandaloniz suffered severe injury. He had bleeding on his brain and fractures to his forehead, cheekbone and nose. He had two snapped ribs and a broken knee cap. Because he had slightly softened the fall with his arm, his arm and hand are completely bent and broken. It really is a miracle that he survived the fall. Now out of the coma, Mandaloniz is relearning most things. He will not be able to work at his job nor will he be able to fight again.


When it comes to ladder safety, prevention is key. It’s sad to say, but Mandaloniz’ mistake was made before he even climbed the ladder. The first thing he did was choose the wrong type of ladder. According to the article, he chose a tripod ladder, a ladder meant for work in orchards, not as an all-purpose ladder. If he would have chosen a tall stepladder, this accident probably would have never happened.

Why are tripod ladders so dangerous?

There are a number of issues with this type of ladders. They are particularly unstable because the tripod pole can be easily overextended or moved. According to OSHA, orchard ladders the ladder side rails and tripod pole should slightly penetrate the ground to make the ladder more stable. In addition, tripod ladders do not have any sort of locker or spreader bars to keep the moving pieces stable. All of these facts show you why unless you wok at an orchard, you really shouldn’t be using this kind of ladder.

We hope Troy Mandaloniz is able to make the most of his situation and recover as quickly as possible. Let us learn from his mistakes and avoid making the same ones.

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  1. Hey. I hope all is well. I appreciate what you are doing in keeping everyone safe. However, in this case…I would have hoped you would have reached out to Troy and his family. Being his friend, I seen the pain, hurt, frustration, and at times a sense of hopelessness that he has gone through since the accident. He has been persevering through all of this to be the man, husband, father, and friend he knows he can be. This time has difficult for Troy, and seeing this article didn’t make it easier. I am pretty positive you meant no disrespect by this post, however it might be a good idea to include the people in the process of retelling their stories to help prevent future injuries. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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