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Number of Ladder Accidents Each Year Infographic

Today, we have an infographic showing the number of ladder accidents, injuries and deaths per year. This infographic also shows how Little Giant Ladders helps prevent the most common ladder-related injuries. Check it out here!

DIYers and Ladder Accidents

Ladder-related accidents have been on the rise for the last couple of years. In fact, England has seen such an increase that the safety organizations are urging DIYers to be careful as they work on their projects.

So, what is so risky for DIYers?

DIYers are often in a hurry to get their projects done and don’t always put a focus on safety. In addition, workers have someone on the site enforcing OSHA guidelines, but nobody is at a person’s house reminding them to be safe and slapping on fines when safety rules are not followed.

So, if you like to do projects around your house, here are a few reminders:

  1. Don’t put your efforts to get the project done ahead of your safety.
  2. Never lean while on the ladder.
  3. Use the right ladder for the job
  4. Always maintain three points of contact when climbing the ladder
  5. On stepladders, don’t stand on the top rung or top cap. On extension ladders, make sure the ladder extends three feet (or three rungs) past the roofline.

If you have projects around the house you are working to complete, follow these tips so you can get your work done without having to take a stop at the ER.

Ladder Accident Knocks Out Musician’s Teeth

A Minnesota musician was injured in a ladder accident.  He was painting a house when he fell off the ladder, knocking out most of his top teeth.  The article is mostly about a benefit that was held to help cover his dental bills, and it doesn’t talk a lot about his accident.

When painting a house, here are a few safety reminders to prevent a ladder accident like this one.

  1. Move Your Ladder When Needed. Rather than leaning on the ladder, move your ladder to get closer to the job.
  2. Use scaffolding. If you will be working for a long time or will be moving from side to side, opt for scaffolding so you can stand long periods in one place or paint easily without having to move your ladder.
  3. Use the Right Ladder. One of the common mistakes on a ladder is not using a ladder that is tall enough. Instead of choosing a short ladder, make sure your ladder is tall enough for the room or building you are painting so you aren’t tempted to stand on the top rung or top cap.

Remember to work safely so you can return home to your family in one piece.

Climb on.

Safety Ambassador Program

Does your company take fall prevention and ladder safety seriously? The American Ladder Institute has a program for you to join.   It is called the Safety Ambassador Program. When more than 20 team members from your company complete the training on you can become a Safety Ambassador.

If you would like to learn more about the Safety Ambassador program, email the ALI

For more information, visit the ALI’s website.

Preparing Your Summer To-Dos

16517 Leveler M17 Ext smMany people take the warmer months to get projects done around the house. These to-do lists often include using a ladder, and it’s important to remember to practice ladder safety.

Here are a  few jobs that might require a ladder:

Cleaning Gutters

Wash Your Windows

Check for and Repair Leaks

If any of these tasks is on your to-do list, here are a couple of safety tips to help you get the job done safely:

  • Have someone there to help you be safe and to stabilize the ladder, if necessary.
  • Inspect your ladder before climbing it. Check for any defects or other safety issues with your ladder. Make sure all bolts are secure and that your ladder is in good overall shape.
  • Never overreach. Instead, move your ladder to a new spot so you can better, more safely reach your task.
  • Follow three points of contact. Keep both your feet you  and one hand on the ladder while you are working.
  • Beware of uneven ground. Find a way to level the ground or use a leveler with your ladder.
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