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Ladder accident in the news

In this news article, the article itself is focusing on a lawsuit, but the cause of the lawsuit is due to a ladder-related injury.

In April 2013, a man was carrying a ladder on a job site when the ladder hit a live electric wire, causing a severe injury.

How could his ladder accident have been prevented?

The most important thing the man forgot to do is watch out for items above the ladder. Power lines, buildings and other hazards can cause major injury for a person carrying a ladder. When carrying a ladder, make sure to be aware of your surroundings so you can stay safe.

The second way the accident could have been prevented would be to use a fiberglass ladder. Fiberglass ladders don’t conduct electricity, so they are safer when round power lines. We don’t have all the details of the man’s accident, but there is a chance that the accident would not have happened if the man had been using a fiberglass ladder.

It is always tragic when I run across news stories involving ladder-related injuries or deaths, but they always make me think about how the accident could have been prevented. Let us learn from others’ mistakes and climb safe!

Ladder Safety in the Summer

hot summer sunEach season has different risks for ladder use, and summer is no exception.  Since Memorial Day is generally considered the kick-off to summer, here are a few safety tips for using your ladder this summer. You can share these tips with your team or use them to create your own ladder safety training.

Stay Hydrated

In the summer, the heat can cause severe dehydration which can lead to dizziness and other major health risks. If you are working outside, make sure you keep your water close by.

Beware of Hot Metal

If you are using an aluminum ladder, the metal can heat quickly, increasing the chance of burns and other injuries. Make sure you pay attention to how long the ladder has been outside and keep tabs on the temperature.

Follow the other Safety Guidelines

We are always giving tips for being safe on ladders. Just like in any season, it is important to follow regular safety guidelines. Maintain three points of contact, inspect the ladder, don’t climb on the top rung are all guidelines that should be followed regardless of the season.


The summer never seems quite long enough, so it can be easy to try to complete as many projects as possible in a short amount of time. With all this work, it can be easy to push yourself too hard, causing accidents. Make sure to pay attention so you can climb safely.

This information in this post is important for those using ladders at home or at work. Those who use ladders regularly for work need to remember to be careful as well. The summer heat brings different challenges than the winter months, but remember these safety tips and climb safe!

Why Accident Investigation is Important

training younger workersOSHA recently reported that there were nearly 4,000 deaths last year surrounding work place accidents and three million individuals were injured in work-related accidents. This is an alarming number and demonstrates why accident investigations are important.

Accident investigations are crucial and help prevent or correct situations where workers could be harmed or injured. The National Safety Council defines an accident as “an undesired event that results in personal injury or property damage.”

There is not a defined set of guidelines on how to conduct an accident investigation. An investigation should generally be as thorough as the seriousness of the accident or event.

Aspects of a Good Accident Investigation

For an investigation to be conducted correctly, the correct person should be leading it. Safety officers, a union representative, or members of the safety committee would be good choices to lead the investigation. The person chosen should have an expert-level knowledge of the environment in which the accident occurred.

It is important to train supervisors or safety investigators the aspects of a successful investigation and how it can prevent further accidents. Training topics could include:

  • How the scene of an accident should be surveyed
  • Who to contact in case of an emergency and how to tend to injured persons
  • How to protect the evidence of the scene
  • Determining the cause of the accident
  • How to analyze the data involved
  • Filling out an accurate and thorough accident report
  • Following up to ensure policies have been implemented to correct the problem going forward

Accidents occur frequently on job sites. Many are caused while attempting to complete dangerous jobs or by the materials being used. Some come from environmental conditions, personal choices or decisions, or simply a lack of training. The important thing to remember in conducting an accident investigation is to understand and aim to prevent the cause of an accident, not to find the guilty party.





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