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Wind and Your Ladder

HyperLiteSumo M24 Carry4We haven’t had a news story blog post for awhile. Just this week, I read an article about a man in Texas who was on a ladder during a wind storm. He fell from his ladder, falling to the ground 25 feet below. He passed away from his injuries. Police are still investigating the accident, but winds were 20+ mph that day.

We often talk about basic ladder safety, and we rarely focus on another aspect of safety, the weather conditions. This tragic story is a perfect illustration of why paying attention to weather while on a ladder is so important. In cases of high winds, take a break from your ladder. Your life is not worth finishing the job quickly.

If it is raining or snowing, leave the task for another day. The moisture can leave your ladder slippery, making it hard to keep your footing. Even worse, the ground could be slick, making it hard for your ladder to stay in place.

In case of bad weather, including high winds, rain or snow, play it safe and avoid a tragic accident by waiting to climb your ladder.

Tragic Accident

Emergency-signLast month, I ran across this tragic story from Pasadena, California. A man passed away in a horrible chainsaw ladder accident. These stories are especially tragic when they happen during the holiday season, like this one did.

The California man was standing on a ladder while trimming a tree. Based on the accident report, the man fell from the ladder and severed his arm  and neck with the chainsaw. Police found deceased outside his home when doing a welfare check.

As tragic as this story is, we have a few reminders to help prevent these types of accidents:

  1. Never lean your ladder against the tree you are trimming
  2. Have someone be a “spotter” and don’t work alone
  3. Don’t lean or overreach while on the ladder

Our hearts go out to this man’s family. I come to work each day and write these articles to prevent these types of accidents from happening.

A Ladder Accident in North Carolina

SS-6-10-Pruning-2-e1447266449211In North Carolina last month, a 68 year old man was on a ladder when he lost his balance and fell. He had been working on a tree and suffered spine and rib fractures.

This man suffered serious injuries, but, the worst part is that this accident probably could have been prevented. Here are a coupe of tips for preventing a ladder accident while you are working on trees.

  1. Never lean the ladder against the tree you are working on.
  2. Never lean or overreach while on a ladder, especially while you are trimming a tree.
  3. Maintain three points of contact.
  4. Be aware of the tools you need, and find a way tobring them safely up and down the ladder.


We wish the victim a speedy recovery. Our hearts go out to him and his family.

Man in Australia dies in Ladder Accident

The man was doing some renovation work near the edge of a mezzanine floor when he fell from his ladder.

The  Executive Director Health and Safety in Melbourne said, “It is a devastating reality that another family has lost a loved one due to an incident at work.”

We couldn’t agree more. It can get a little depressing seeing all these stories about ladder accidents and deaths and injuries, but it is important to remember these people and learn from mistakes.

In this case, make sure your ladder is level and is leaning against a sturdy surface. Also, make sure the ladder is at the correct angle. Always check the ladder feat to make sure they are in good condition and don’t have anything that would affect the grip.

Be Safe on the Job

OSHA and MSHA are the two primary government agencies responsible for authoring and enforcing workplace safety regulations.

The Story

A fire alarm technician was inspecting the fire alarms at a care center when he climbed an extension ladder, provided by the care center. He fell from the ladder,  breaking both feet and suffering other orthopedic injuries. In his spine, he also suffered a compression fracture in his spine.

The Technician’s View

In court, the technician argued that the maintenance supervisor who set up the ladder for him had done it incorrectly. He also said the maintenance supervisor had not inspected or maintained the la, violating OSHA regulations.

The Care Center’s View

The care center argued the accident was the worker’s fault for not being properly trained and that the care center was not to blame for the worker not returning to work.

The Court Decision

After 10 days in trial and two days in deliberations, the court sided with the worker. The care center had to pay him for damages, lost wages, past medical costs and furture medical costs.

This case gives us a few reminders. First, OSHA protects workers at their own company as well as at companies they visit. Second, ladder safety is important for employees as well as visitors. Always inspect your ladder before you use it and before youlet others use it. Also, train your team and any other visitors who will be using a ladder on how to use the ladder safely.

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