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Ladder Accident Knocks Out Musician’s Teeth

A Minnesota musician was injured in a ladder accident.  He was painting a house when he fell off the ladder, knocking out most of his top teeth.  The article is mostly about a benefit that was held to help cover his dental bills, and it doesn’t talk a lot about his accident.

When painting a house, here are a few safety reminders to prevent a ladder accident like this one.

  1. Move Your Ladder When Needed. Rather than leaning on the ladder, move your ladder to get closer to the job.
  2. Use scaffolding. If you will be working for a long time or will be moving from side to side, opt for scaffolding so you can stand long periods in one place or paint easily without having to move your ladder.
  3. Use the Right Ladder. One of the common mistakes on a ladder is not using a ladder that is tall enough. Instead of choosing a short ladder, make sure your ladder is tall enough for the room or building you are painting so you aren’t tempted to stand on the top rung or top cap.

Remember to work safely so you can return home to your family in one piece.

Climb on.

Property Developer and Ladder Accident

An Australian property developer was fined after a 16-year old boy fell off a ladder on a construction site. The teen was a part of a program to help at-risk teens by allowing them to work on construction sites. The young man fell through a void, falling to the concrete ground below. He injured his spine and broke his bones. He had been on the site for just two days before the fall, and he is considered lucky to be alive.

Unfortunately, there was no fall protection around the opening. which led to the young man falling once he got off the ladder. If the protection could have been in place, the fall would have easily been avoided.

WorkSafe ACT, the safety organization for Australia, investigated the accident. The investigation looked at induction, training, supervision, health and safety practices and fall protection. After the investigation, the organization decided the property developer did not do enough to prevent the accident.

“In addition, but to a lesser extent, there were also failures on behalf of the subcontractors on the site which are subject to the enforceable undertakings,” a spokesperson for the WorkSafe ACT said.

The property developer cooperated with the investigation and discontinued the program for at-risk teens due to the safety risks.

Thankfully, the teen has been able to recover from his injuries, but let this tragic accident be a reminder of the importance of being alert while on the ladder and of having proper fall protection in place. In addition, remember to train all your employees on the job site. If he had gotten the correct training, he may have been able to get off his ladder safely.

Our hearts go out to the teen and hope he has been able to make a full recovery.

True Ladder Story

In Greenville, South Carolina, a construction worker fell from his ladder and later died from his injuries. He had been working on a single-family residential construction site  when he fell off the ladder to the ground. He passed away less than two hours after the fall. At the time of the article, the county was doing an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

The construction industry has a problem with its number of ladder-related accidents. It is so high, in fact, that the CDC has designed an entire health and safety campaign to stop falls on construction sites. The website for the campaign was

We don’t know the reason this man fell from his ladder, but the possibilities are close to endless. Did he overreach? Was the ladder slippery? Was he facing the wrong way? Did he fail to use three points of contact? We will never know the answer, but we can use his story as a reminder to be safe when we climb our own ladders.

Our hearts go out to this man’s family and hope they can find peace during this challenging time.

Another Ladder Accident

A UK man sufferred horrible injuries in a ladder accident. He was airlifted to the hospital with two nails still in his head. The young man was doing construction work when he slipped from his ladder. In the process, he accidentally discharged the nail gun he was using, which shot two  nails into his head.

This accident reminds us to be both safe and careful, especially when using power tools.

To prevent slipping while on a ladder, here are a few tips:

  1. Use slip-resistant shoes
  2. Clean any slippery or sticky substances from your ladder
  3. Use the ladder on dry, firm ground
  4. Avoid using your ladder when it is snowy or rainy

We don’t know how the man’s recovery went, but we do know this is a horrible accident. Be safe on your ladder today and every day to prevent a ladder accident like this from happening to you.

New Ladder Breaks

A police chief in Mass. fell from his ladder last month and is now on medical leave.

He was doing projects around his house. He was on the ladder putting up drip edge on the rroof when his ladder broke in half.

He had broke a few ribs and needed reconstructive surgery on his shoulder so he is on medical leave until he can heal. The doctors say he will be in recovery for three to six months, but he is lucky to  be alive and not paralyzed.

After doing some research, he found the fiberglass ladder he used has a history of breaking.

Make sure to always choose a good ladder for your job. Do research before choosing your ladder and always inspect it before you climb.

Our hearts go out to this man and his family. We wish him well on his recovery and are glad his accident wasn’t worse.


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