Every year during the holiday season, we see more and more ER visits due to ladder-related injuries. People get out their ladders to hang their holiday decorations. Unfortunately, their ladders are either not safe to use or they don’t use the ladder safely, resulting in a ladder-related injury and an ER visit for treatment.

Here are a couple of tips for you hanging Christmas decorations in the coming days and weeks.

You should be inspecting your ladder every single time, but, if you haven’t dug out the ladder for a while, make sure to look it all over to make sure it still works as well as the last time you had it out of storage.

Never lean.

Leaning is probably one of the most common causes of holiday and ladder-related accidents. Always keep your body between the rails. It is tempting to reach past the rails instead of getting off the ladder and moving it, but don’t make this mistake. Prevent a fall by getting off the ladder, moving it and climbing back up to hang the lights or other decorations.

Three Points of Contact

While hanging decorations, find a way to maintain three points of contact. If maintaining three points of contact requires multiple trips to being the decorations up and down the ladder, choose safety over the convenience of fewer trips.

What other tips do you have for those hanging their Christmas and holiday decorations to help them be safer?