This is not ladder safety

This is not ladder safety

When it comes to ladder safety, we often talk about what to do before even starting to climb the ladder.  This article will talk about how to actually climb the ladder safely.

Stay Centered

While climbing, make sure you face forward. Don’t turn to the side or look backwards while you climb. Make sure to also follow the “belt buckle rule” and keep your body in between the ladder’s side rails.

Maintain Three Points of Contact

Make sure you always maintain three points of contact when climbing your ladder. This means you have two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet in contact with the ladder at all times.

Carry Objects on a Tool Belt

Part of maintaining three points of contact is not carrying equipment up and down your ladder. Instead, use a tool belt to carry any objects you need.  You can also use a chain or pulley system to bring items up and down and to prevent workers from losing their balance while on the ladder.

Avoid the Top Step

Don’t stand on the top rung or top cap of your stepladder. Never climb on the cross bracing. Don’t sit on any step, including the top either. When using an extension ladder, avoid the top three rungs.

These tips are important for ladder safety. Teach them to your team to help them remember to climb safe.