This week, I was looking on, and I found a great video. Here’s the link to it:

One of the best parts from the video gives tips for making sure an extension ladder is at the correct angle, 75.5 degrees.  We often talk about the correct angle for an extension ladder, but how do we tell if we have reached that angle? According to the video, the best way to tell when you’ve reached that angle is to set the base of the ladder one foot from the wall for every four feet in height. Put your toes at the ladder base and put your hands straight out. Your hands should just barely reach the ladder.

The video also gives good tips such as not carrying loads onto the ladder and maintaining three points of contact. In addition, the video reminds users to only have one person on the ladder at once. There are also a lot of other tips, but you’ll have to watch for yourself!

My favorite quote from the video is said towards the end. The narrator says, “We should take as much time in getting a job done safely as in getting a job well done.” How true is this? Taking the time to do a job safely is as important, if not more important, as doing the job well. If you don’t do a job well, you will have to redo it. If you don’t do a job safely, you will end up with an injury and the job taking more time, or, in the worst cases, not being able to finish the job at all.