IMG_0658As you know, sometimes we like to do quick tips for our readers. Keeping that in mind, here is a simple list of ladder do’s and don’ts.


-Make sure the ladder is stable and in good condition. Check the weight rating and make

sure you and your equipment are under the weight rating.

-Be careful when working around hazards

-Use the right ladder for the job

-Perform an inspection on the ladder

-Follow all ladder safety guidelines

-Maintain three points of contact



-Put too much weight on the ladder

-Overreach on ladders or stepladders – (Instead, DO Follow the belt buckle rule)

-Use ladders if workers cannot maintain three points of contact (hands and feet) at the working position.

-Climb the ladder if you are in any way impaired.


These are just a couple of tips for things to do and not do. What quick tips do you keep in mind when on a ladder?