secret-service-logoI was just doing my daily news reading, when I came across an article about a Secret Servicemen getting injured from a fall from a ladder.

Like many of the other articles I run across, this article didn’t have much detail. In a nutshell, here’s what the article said:

One of President Obama’s Secret Servicemen was stationed at LAX Airport waiting for President Obama’s arrival, when the man fell from a ladder while trying to descend the building. The man is being treated for non life-threatening injuries in Los Angeles.

Apparently, even if your job is to protect the president, you are not immune to ladder-related injuries.

Just like it’s important for contractors to train and be trained, it is important to make sure those who work for the government are trained for proper ladder use as well.

We don’t know the type of ladder the man was descending, but we do know it was on the outside of a building. So, most likely it was either the cheese grater type or an extension ladder. If it was the cheese grater, all he had to do was lose his footing, and he would have bounced back and forth between the rails until he hit the bottom. For the extension ladder, there are a variety of things that could have gone wrong as well. Luckily, whatever happened wasn’t too serious since he is only being treated for minor injuries.