Fall Prevention Awareness Week is going on now!

This week is designed to bring awareness to prevent the elderly from falling. While the campaign focuses on preventing the elderly from any type of fall, preventing the elderly from ladder falls is also important.  According to an article by the National Library of Medicine,  the older population is  particularly  at-risk for ladder-related accidents and injuries.

“Although they fell from lower heights, the elderly sustained different and more severe injury patterns” said the article. “Ladder safety education should be particularly tailored at the elderly.”

According to stopfalls.org, falls are the number one cause of injury, hospital visits due to trauma, and death from an injury among people age 65 and older, making it an important health issue to focus on.

Many different factors such as improper footwear, chronic diseases or medications can increase the risk of falling and are important to consider before climbing a ladder.

To encourage ladder safety and to help prevent ladder-related falls for this at-risk population, you can plan a ladder-safety training specifically for them.

You can talk about some of the risks the elderly face and how to handle them to prevent ladder accidents.

For more information on preventing all types of falls, visit stopfalls.org.