An Irish farmer fell from a roof and passed away from his injuries. The Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has been notified.

Here are a couple of safety precautions from the HSA to prevent accidents like this:

  • Use safe systems of work when working at heights.
  • Proper roofing ladder / crawling boards should always be used.
  • Ladders if used should be in good condition, placed at the right angle and securely tied.
  • Be aware of fragile roof lights/panels.
  • On a fragile roof, use proper roofing ladders or crawling boards.
  • Erect a suitable barrier to prevent falls while carrying out extensive work on roofs.
  • Consider using competent construction contractors for all work at height.

Also, be careful on the ladder to roof transition point. This transition point can be tricky which is why we recommend the LedgeLock, Claw and WalkThrough.