I found another ladder accident news story. This one is quite sad and, unfortunately, most likely could have been prevented.

A man had to trim a tree. He set up the ladder, leaning it against the tree and then tied the ladder to the tree with a rope. He climbed the ladder and begam trimming the tree with a chainsaw. After a bit, the tree fell, knocking the man off the ladder onto the concrete. The man passed away from his injuries two days later. It turns out the tree had termites and was not stable.

This tragic accident could have been prevented if proper ladder safety would have been followed. Here are a couple reminders for when you are trimming trees.

Don’t lean against the tree

Never lean against the tree you are trimming or cutting down. When you lean the ladder against the tree, you are more likely to have fallen branches knock you down or fall when the tree falls down. Either of these situations would likely lead to serious injury.

Use the Right Ladder for the Job

Many people use extension ladders when pruning trees. They set the ladder up and lean it against the tree, but this is when accidents happen. An A-frame is a better option when trimming trees. You can set up the ladder independent from the tree.  Make sure the ladder is locked into place and then do the pruning. If something happens to the tree, you will still be safe.

SS-6-10-Pruning-2-e1447266449211Follow the Belt Buckle Rule

While trimming trees, keep your body between the ladder rails. It can be hard to follow this particular safety tip sometimes, but staying between the rails will prevent you from falling or from your ladder tipping.

This man’s story is a sad one. Please help us prevent accidents like his from happening.