Firefighters climb ladders every day. Not only do they climb adders, but they also have heavy tools and equipment to carry with them. Sometimes they use the ladders attached to their trucks, but other times they use a smaller ladder stored inside their truck. In either case, having the right ladder and using it safely will help prevent accidents.

It is important to have a ladder with the correct duty rating to hold the firefighter and all of the equipment. Ladders are tested to hold a certain amount of weight. If the maximum weight capacity is exceeded, the ladder could bend, crack or otherwise fail.

Firefighters also need to maintain three points of contact. When the firefighter is working to save lives, he or she won’t do any good if a ladder accident happens. It can be easy to lose balance, so it is crucial to always have two hands and one foot or one hand and two feet on the ladder.

Firefighters may be tempted to lean while on the ladder, but this is a risk as well. Always stay between the rails.

Stay safe out there!