IMG_0629When planning ladder safety training, it helps to be familiar with the main causes of ladder accidents and injuries and then hopefully address those causes in training. To help you, I will talk about the four causes of ladder accidents.

Selecting the Wrong Type of Ladder

When choosing a ladder, choose the correct ladder and ladder size for the job. Keep the height of the task in mind. In addition, make sure you keep the weight guidelines in mind. If the ladder you’re using is rated for only 300 pounds, make sure you and your equipment don’t exceed that limit.

Using Worn or Damaged Ladders

Once a ladder is damaged or overly worn, it should be retired from service. Worn and damaged ladders are dangerous and can put the operator’s life at risk.

Incorrect Use/Placement

It should go without saying that using a ladder incorrectly is a ticking time bomb for an accident. Make sure you also use the ladder on level ground and follow all those safety guidelines we talk about regularly.

Using Overly Heavy Ladders

One thing we don’t talk about much is the risk of using heavy ladders. Often on job sites, workers have to carry heavy equipment and end up with sprains and other health issues due to the weight. As you are working, pay attention to the ladder’s weight and ask another worker to help you carry it if necessary.

These four areas are some of the most common causes of ladder injuries. Hopefully becoming familiar with them will help you find ways to avoid injury.