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Gran hurt in freak accident with ladder

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Western Gazette – North Dorset

AN 82-year-old grandmother suffered a stab wound and severe bleeding when she became trapped in an old-fashioned step ladder on Saturday.

Ruth Robinson, of Stoke sub Hamdon, has described her “nightmare” ordeal after becoming wedged in the steps while hanging curtains in her home on Queens Crescent.

The octogenarian had to call an ambulance herself while trapped in the device, after her husband Gerald, who struggles to speak and walk after having a stroke 20 years ago, managed to bring her the telephone.

Mrs Robinson narrowly avoided further injuries with the help of neighbour and Yeovil town crier, Bruce Trigger, who rushed to the scene after Mr Robinson hobbled up the road to fetch help.

She said: “The ladder had a platform and I fell right through it. I felt something stab me in the tummy and there was blood everywhere coming from my leg.

“I was wedged in the frame, screaming the house down.

“A piece of the broken ladder had stabbed me in my middle. Bruce had to lift me up to stop the shard digging in any further. He held me up for about 10 minutes until the ambulance arrived.”

Mr Trigger said: “I could see Ruth was in absolute agony and I did what any good neighbour would do.

“They said if I hadn’t been there, the ladder would have dug in and damaged her vital organs. When the emergency services took over, I left so I wasn’t in the way.

“I had to open the church fete in Montacute that afternoon.”

Firefighters cut Mrs Robinson free within three minutes using a saw.

She said: “I was just in so much pain and getting dizzier and dizzier.

“I heard a man ask the person holding me up, “have you got her? When I cut this last bit she’s going to drop”.

“When I felt myself falling free of the ladder it was such a relief. I felt a further flood of relief when they laid me down on the stretcher.”

Emergency services had to move Mrs Robinson out of her bungalow through her bedroom window, because the stretcher could not get around the corners of her hallway to the front door. She was admitted to Yeovil District Hospital where she was put under general anaesthetic for the first time in her life.

She suffered a wound to her calf, a long scrape up her leg as well as a 10 inch laceration and a stab wound to her stomach.

Mrs Robinson wants to warn others of the perils of using step ladders in the house.

She said: “It was an absolute nightmare. Anyone who is the slightest bit at risk should not use these stepladders.”

Her daughter, Lynn Armfield said: “This ladder could have been around since the 1960s.

“If I had had any idea it was in the house I would have got rid of it.”

The ladder has now been burnt.

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