Grandpa's ladderI often like to talk about the idea of “Grandpa’s Ladder.” Grandpa’s ladder is that old, rickety, wooden ladder you remember seeing your grandpa’s garage. Grandpa’s ladder has been around for a long time with no changes made to its design. The truth is, grandpa’s ladder is not safe. It wasn’t safe when it was first designed hundreds of years ago, and it is not safe now.

The alternative to Grandpa’s Ladder

More changes have been made to the ladder in the last few years than were made in the previous five hundred years. How crazy is that?

Here are some of the changes made by Little Giant Ladder Systems:

-Ratchet Levelers
-Rock Locks
-Articulating ladder
-Lightest weight while still being sturdy
-work platform
-adjustable legs
-Adjustable outriggers to prevent tipping
-The Cage, eliminating the need to tie off
-The Claw
-The WalkThrough
The LedgeLock

All of these great adjustments to the ladder mean the use for grandpa’s ladder is non-existent. If you still find yourself going after that old ladder in your garage or shed, make sure to ask yourself, “Why? Is my life worth it?”