It’s pretty common knowledge that if you know of something that will keep you safer and save lives, you should use it.

Today I read an article about a maintenance supervisor who suffered a major leg injury after falling 15-20 feet from a Department of Public Safety building. He had been on the roof doing maintenance work, using an extension ladder to get from one level of the roof to a lower level, but his ladder slipped. The way the roof is set up requires workers to use extension ladders, but the set up is just not safe. The worker was lucky his leg was all that got injured. He could have easily lost his life.

A Safer Way

Is there a safer way to do maintenance in these types of situations? The answer is yes! Last summer, Little Giant Ladders released a product called the LedgeLock. This product actually gets installed on the roofline of a building and then an extension ladder gets hooked onto it. When the job is done, the LedgeLock stays in place for the next time it is needed, but the ladder is taken down and put away. Another cool feature of the LedgeLock, is its integration with the Claw. When weight is on the Claw will not move. It will stay hooked to the LedgeLock, helping the worker to stay safe.

Save Lives

In the situation from the article, the worker’s ladder would not have slipped, because his weight would have kept the Claw latched to the LedgeLock. This product will save lives and prevent accidents like the one in the article.