I hope you had a great holiday yesterday. I just wanted to post something quickly about the Little Giant HyperLite SumoStance. It has been on the market for about a year, but it has become one of Little Giant’s more popular product lines due to how lightweight it is.

HyperLiteSumo M28 Climb2

The HyperLite SumoStance comes in a lightweight Hi-Viz green rail. Strains and sprains from lifting and carrying heavy ladders are actually the number one cause of ladder-related injuries. The HyperLite/HyperLite SumoStance line of ladders are the lightest weight ladders in the world and are already preventing these common injuries.

Some of the most severe ladder-related incidents are caused by people who walk or drive into an extension ladder in use, and the visibility of the Hi-Viz green can help prevent these accidents. Hi-Viz green has been scientifically proven to be the most visible color in the world.

HyperLiteSumo Levelers2

The outriggers on the HyperLite SumoStance increases side-tip stability, helping to prevent catastrophic side-tip accidents.

HyperLite BubbleLevel

The HyperLite SumoStance has two bubble indicators. One to show you your extension ladder is set at the correct angle and one to show you that your ladder is level.

HyperLite Feet

The feet on the HyperLite SumoStance can be used in either the flat or spike position, helping you work safely on different types of surfaces.

HyperLite M24 Climb7.1

The HyperLite SumoStance also features three red Do Not Climb rungs at the top of the ladder. The red rungs act as a reminder that your ladder to extend three feet past the roof line.

The HyperLite SumoStance is a great option for anyone who uses an extension ladder. Its built-in safety features will help you work safely.