Even though falls are one of the leading causes of injuries, many people forget that ladders can be hazardous and that workers should be trained before they use the ladder.

Building a safety culture is one of the best ways to help your workers be safer and to address specific safety concerns like ladder safety, for example. Here are a couple steps to help your workers stay safe.

Keeping this in mind and following some simple steps, can help you and your workers stay safe and injury-free.

Climbing Pre-Check

Before using your ladder, make sure it’s in good condition and that the ladder is on a firm, level surface. You also want to check the ladder’s height to make sure it is tall enough for the job. You also want to check the weight/duty rating to make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the worker and any materials needed for the job.

Choose the Safest Alternative

Make sure you always choose the best tool for the job. Sometimes, a stepladder is the best option. Other times scaffolding or platform ladder could be a better option for the job at hand.


For example, platform ladders, stationary or rolling scaffolding, boom or scissor lifts, or other work platforms.

Follow safe work procedures

Whether you use a stepladder or a safer alternative, follow safe work procedures every time. Setting up a stepladder incorrectly puts you and other workers at risk of serious injury.

Follow safety guidelines

Whenever you use a ladder, make sure you use it the right way:

-Maintain three points of contact

-Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions

-Never stand on the top rung or top cap

Building a Safety Culture


Here are u couple tips to help you have a safety culture at your company:

-Have the entire company from the top down involved in being safe

-Have your safety program accessible to everyone on site

-Plan and participate in safety meetings

-Address safety concerns