summer safetyWe haven’t had a news post in quite a while, so I thought we could do one today. Today, I ran across an article talking about construction accidents in New York City. Already this year, eight people have died in construction accidents in the city. Two of these deaths were caused by falls. One worker fell half a story from a ladder while another worker fell from scaffolding.

So, what’s causing these tragic accidents? The article talks about the overall increase in construction accidents in the New York City. The author attributes an increase in accidents to the increase in construction. He also talks about the issues of non-trained and non-unionized workers contributing to the increase in accidents.

When workers don’t receive the proper training, their work is just an accident waiting to happen. Going back to the worker who died after falling from a ladder, this story is quite sad and tragic. It’s awful to think that the outcome could have been much different if the worker had been trained properly, isn’t it? The author does not say much about specific details from each accident, but he does say clearly that the workers are not getting the right training.

The number of onsite accidents would decrease greatly if workers were provided with proper training. If your workplace does not have training included right now, consider what needs to be done to incorporate training. Feel free to use pieces of the Toolbox to get your training kicked off.