Industrial Safety & Hygiene News ran an article last year about a ladder accident.

A Texan cable installer was using a ladder to work on some overhead lines. He and his colleague used a silicone-based product  to waterproof the cable splices, but the product left residue on the gloves and the ladder rungs. As the worker descended the ladder, he slipped on the slick rungs and fell more than 13 feet. He hit his head on the concrete and suffered a fatal injury.

The ISHN article then shares three simple tips for preventing ladder accidents like these.

  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely.
  • Provide the right ladder for the job with proper load capacity.
  • Train workers to use ladders safely.

Take the time and effort to learn OSHA’s ladder regulations. Then, train workers on how to be safe. Deaths from ladder falls can be prevented through proper training and proper use.