In this news article, the article itself is focusing on a lawsuit, but the cause of the lawsuit is due to a ladder-related injury.

In April 2013, a man was carrying a ladder on a job site when the ladder hit a live electric wire, causing a severe injury.

How could his ladder accident have been prevented?

The most important thing the man forgot to do is watch out for items above the ladder. Power lines, buildings and other hazards can cause major injury for a person carrying a ladder. When carrying a ladder, make sure to be aware of your surroundings so you can stay safe.

The second way the accident could have been prevented would be to use a fiberglass ladder. Fiberglass ladders don’t conduct electricity, so they are safer when round power lines. We don’t have all the details of the man’s accident, but there is a chance that the accident would not have happened if the man had been using a fiberglass ladder.

It is always tragic when I run across news stories involving ladder-related injuries or deaths, but they always make me think about how the accident could have been prevented. Let us learn from others’ mistakes and climb safe!