A court ruled in favor of the plaintiff in the case of a ladder accident. The plaintoff descended a make-shift ladder when the ladder slid out from under him. The defense tried to blame the plaintiff, saying he missed the last rung. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff because, even if he did miss the last step, his ladder still slid out from under him.

This victim will receive help in his recovery, but this accident should never have happened.

Any situation involving a “make-shift ladder” is asking for problems. Always choose a real ladder when you need to reach a certain height. Inspect the ladder and make sure it is good condition for climbing. Are the ladder feet in good condition? If they’re not, the ladder can more easily slip. Is the ladder itself in good condition? In addition to a thorough inspection, always set the ladder at the correct angle before you climb.

By taking just a couple of precautions, you can prevent having a ladder accident like the one from this lawsuit.