Emergency-signAn 25-year old employee at a newspaper in Mass fell from a ladder in the pressroom. His fall resulted in serious injuries. The ladder was attached to the side of the printing press. When the employee fell, he injured his head.  Due to privacy laws, the employee’s current health status is unknown.

For more details on the accident, visit the newspaper’s website.

We hope this man makes a full recovery. Ladder safety is important, even if the ladder is fixed. Here are a couple of ladder safety tips to help prevent accidents like this one.

  1. Follow the belt buckle rule. Regardless of the type of ladder you are using, keep your body between the rails. When you lean on a ladder, it throws off the center of gravity, making it easier for you or the ladder (non-fixed ladders) to fall.
  2. Maintain three points of contact. Maintaining three points of contact makes it less likely that you will lose your balance, especially at the top of the ladder.
  3. Keep the ladder clean. If anything slippery, wet or greasy gets on the ladder, make sure to clean it up quickly to prevent any slipping from the ladder.
  4. Choose the right footwear. Make sure your shoes have rubber soles to help you keep your footing while on the ladder.

We never like reading about these ladder accidents, especially because so many of them could be prevented. Follow these ladder safety tips to help prevent ladder accidents.