Ladder Safety Month’s focus this month is ladder inspection. We talk about ladder inspection a lot on this blog, but that’s because inspecting your ladder can help in preventing a ladder accident. If an inspection is done right, you can catch issues with the ladder that would potentially lead to an accident.

Here are a couple of things to remember during an inspection:

-Look over all parts of the ladder, the rungs the rails for feet and look for any damage

-For extension ladders, inspect the rope, pulley and locks

-For stepladders, examine the spreader bars

-Check all metal parts of the ladder for any rust issues

-Make sure the ladder is wiped down and clear of any grease or other residues

These are just a couple of reminders. Make sure to use an inspection checklist to help you do the most thorough inspection. If your ladder fails, take it out of service until the ladder is repaired. If the ladder cannot be repaired, destroy the ladder so nobody can use it unsafely.

If you’re looking for tips on how to do a ladder inspection, visit the ladder safety toolbox, and you can download the Ladder Inspection Checklist.