Looking for some resources to help you and your team work safely on your ladder? Don’t worry, I can help you.

The American Ladder Institute 

The American Ladder Institute has lots of great information, tips and other resources on its website. You can take a ladder safety course and receive certification for free.

Ladder Safety Month

Ladder Safety Month takes places every March. During this month, you may see billboards, listen to webinars, receive emails and see posts on social media channels all talking about ladder safety and how to prevent ladder-related accidents. To participate, visit Ladder Safety Month’s website.

OH&S Magazine

OH&S Magazine is a great resource for any topics related to workplace safety. The magazine can be mailed to you, or you can read it online. The site has an entire section dedicated to fall protection. They also regularly publish articles about ladder safety.

Other publications

We listed OH&S by name, but that is just one choice of publication. Lots of magazines, websites and other publications share information on using your ladder safely. If you want something new to read, just do a quick search, and plenty of results will pop up.

Live Training

One of the best ways to get ladder safety information is by participating in live training. If you’d like a fresh take on ladder safety, fill out the form we have on this site, and you will have someone contact you for a safety training.