A few weeks ago, I read the following story of about a worker in Canada who had sustained serious injuries in a fall when the stepladder he was climbing, which he had placed in front of a door, was struck by the door, causing him to fall to the concrete floor. One of those rules everyone knows, right? Well, that’s the mistake we make far too often. We think our people should know not to put a ladder in front of a door because it’s common sense. But if we haven’t trained our people properly to never put a ladder in front a door, we can and will be found responsible.

Saskatoon’s Kramer Ltd. fined $34K over ladder accident

Company violated 3 OH&S rules

CBC News

A Saskatoon company whose worker was seriously injured after being knocked off a ladder has been fined $33,600.

On Dec. 11, Kramer Ltd., of Saskatoon, was found guilty of three charges under Occupational Health and Safety legislation, the provincial government said in a news release.

The charges include failing to ensure workers were trained in health or safety measures, failing to ensure work was properly supervised and failing to ensure the worker’s safety.

The incident happened on March 26, 2010 at a work site in Saskatoon.

A worker climbed a stepladder to fix an overhead door guard that had been bent, the province said. While this was being done, the door hit the ladder and the worker fell to the concrete floor, sustaining serious injuries.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskatoon-s-kramer-ltd-fined-34k-over-ladder-accident-1.2474319

The worker’s company, Kramer Ltd., was fined $33,600 for failing to properly train workers in safety measures, in this case, ladder safety measures.

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