One topic we rarely cover is how to transport ladders safely.

In LA, a person was driving down the freeway with a ladder hanging out the car window. A motorcylist was driving and either swerved to avoid the ladder or had another car swerve into him. The motorcyclist ended up hitting the ladder and dying.

There are safe ways to transport ladders, but putting a ladder horizonatally in the car is not one of them.

Here are some tips for transporting your ladder safely.

Transporting Your Ladder on Your Vehicle

If you are putting your ladder on your car’s roof, put it parallel (as opposed to perpendicular) to your car and make sure it is secure. If the ladder extends past your car, put a red flag on the ladder to let other drivers know to be careful. Be aware that putting your ladder on the ladder will increase wear and tear on your ladder and decrease your gas mileage, but, if you don’t have another option, putting your ladder on the roof is a good option.

Transporting Your Ladder Inside Your Vehicle

If you decide to transport your ladder inside your vehicle, make sure it is secured so it won’t knock passengers or other equipment while you are driving.

Choosing the Ladder

If you know you will transporting the ladder regularly, choose a ladder that fits your vehicle. There are ladders that fold to be quite small, making it easy to transport them in your car or trunk.

What other tips do you have for transporting your ladder safely?