With the cold weather comes ice and with ice comes extra safety concerns, especially with your ladder. When there is snow and ice, your ladder can easily slip. Always choose dry, solid ground when setting up your ladder.

If there is ice and snow, choose another place or wait until the snow and ice melt before climbing. If you really need to use your ladder, depending on how cold it is, you could melt the snow and ice yourself using salt. You need to be careful with this technique though, since it could backfire.

While we are talking about snow and ice, be aware of your shoes. If you have been walking through mud and snow and then climb the ladder, you will easily get slippery mud and melted snow (also known as water), making your ladder too slick to climb. Instead, wipe off your shoes before you climb your ladder.

Take extra precautions when using your ladder in the winter months to make sure you are safe and able to return home safely to your family.