working on power linesThose of us in the safety industry know that power lines and non-fiberglass ladders don’t mix. Unfortunately, not everyone knows or remembers this.

The Story

In Thailand, there was an accident with a maintenance worker. He was using a ladder against a mess of wires and power lines. Two people stood at the bottom of the ladder to support the ladder and then move it along so the worker did not have to return to the ground.

While working, the technician got tangled in the wires and ended up getting shocked by one of the power lines. His coworkers who had held the ladder turned off the power and got another Bamboo ladder to try to help him. These workers got tangled as well, and a local authority had to get a knuckle boom crane to rescue all three. Read the entire story here.

Working Safely

Where to start? The first thing they should have done is have the right ladder for the job. These guys were working on power lines and cables with bamboo ladders. They should have had sturdy fiberglass ladders that hook safely on the power lines. It is great to have a spotter when you are working high up, but to have people move the ladder with a person on it is incredibly dangerous.

Luckily none of the employees from this story were injured too terribly, but I am sure they were shaken up enough to think twice before doing something like this again. It is incredibly important to always train your employees on safety and then enforce the safety. It sounds like the company these men work for does not care much about