Last summer, a New York company faced a labor lawsuit due to a ladder accident. The worker was using a makeshift ladder when he made a misstep and was injured. He brought his case to court and the court ruled in his favor, even though he was the one who had made a misstep.

This case is just one example of how companies are being held accountable for issues on the job. It is proof that ladder safety training, in addition to general workplace training, is becoming increasingly important. Even if it is technically the worker’s fault, the company he or she was working for can get fined, or worse.

What will you do to help your workers be safe on the job? Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Provide ladder safety training. If you need help with that, fill out the form here, and I will come to your company for free.
  2. Speak Up. If you see something wrong on the job, let the person know and help him or her work more safely.
  3. Have a designated safety manager. A lot of companies, especially small companies, have the owner or regular manager be in charge of safety. Unfortunately, because this person has a lot of other responsibilities, a lot of unsafe things still happen. Having someone whose main job is to check for safety issues helps everyone work safer and more efficiently.