Following a Higher Calling

I’m a lineman in Georgia. One night I was called to work on a line 300 feet off the ground in order to restore power to about 30,000 homes during a storm. Normally when we use st
raight fiberglass ladders with hooks on the end that hang on lines in order to climb down and access different sections of towers. Unfortunately when I got to the site I found that I didn’t have any of the line ladders and and the only thing I did have was my Little Giant Dark Horse fiberglass model.

I had few options left so I attached a set of hooks to the Dark Horse and took it up the tower with me where I was able to straighten it and attach it to the line. Once I had descended to the Insulator platform, I removed the Dark Horse from the line, reconfigured it to the 90-degree position, and proceeded to climb up it in order to gain easier access to the line that needed repair. Once I finished the repairs, I straightened the Dark Horse and used it to climb back off the platform. After I made sure I was secure in my position, I reached down to pull up the Dark Horse only to watch it fall from the line the full 300 feet to the ground.

In all my years as a lineman, I have never felt safer up on a tower than  I did while using the Dark Horse. I never realized how effective and versatile the Dark Horse was. I need to get one of my own.

Little Giant Dark Horse Fiberglass Articulating Ladder