exxon mobile travelingI haven’t posted about my travels in a couple weeks, but I thought you might want to know what I’ve been up to. Since my last post, I’ve been traveling almost constantly.

Last week, I was in New Jersey providing safety training to employees of Exxon Mobile at a variety of the facilities in the area. They wouldn’t let me take any photos inside, but here is one from their headquarters. It was great giving the training. As you can see, Jersey has gotten a good amount of snow, which was nice. So, that was my fun last week.

This week, I am starting off in Oregon.  Yesterday, I spoke at the GOSH Conference in Portland. It’s a great city. This conference is a health and safety photo 2event put on by the Oregon governor. Cool, right? It’s an honor to have been asked to speak. Today, I will be meeting with rep firms in the area.


Portland Governor’s Conference

Then, tomorrow and Thursday I will be heading down to Houston for some ladder safety training with McCrory & Associates, the Little Giant Rep Firm for Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. It should be fun!

On Saturday and Sunday, I will be headed to Pennsylvania to help with a QVC promotion Little Giant has this weekend for the TitanX.

It will definitely be a busy week! Will you be seeing me in any of these places? Or, have you seen me during some of my recent travels?