The NSC website has a great article with ladder safety tips.  I’ll share some of those great tips with you here.

Use the Right Ladder for the Job

Using the wrong ladder can be dangerous. Always choose the right size and style for your job at hand.

Work on Solid Ground

Always put the base of your ladder on a solid, firm surface. You also should avoid slippery, wet or soft surfaces. Also, never stack your ladder on boxes or other equipment to make your ladder taller.

Climb Carefully

Always remember to be careful and safe when climbing your ladder. Here are a couple of tips from the NSC:

  • Face the ladder and always grip the rungs
  • Always keep three points of contact with the ladder
  • Never get off a ladder from the side
  • Make sure extension ladders extend 3 feet above the roof or platform
  • Reposition the ladder instead of overreaching
  • Use a tool belt if you have tools to use on the ladder
  • Choose slip-resistant shoes

For more safety tips, visit U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or the American Ladder Institute.