OSHA has a great document with safety tips for using stepladders. The document has general information about stepladders. Here are a few tips from OSHA:

Plan Ahead

Look at the job ahead of time. Choose the right equipment. Have the right amount of ladders, the right type of ladders and ladders with the correct height. Simply planning ahead can help prevent a variety of accidents.

Use a Ladder with the Correct Weight Rating

Nobody wants a ladder to break or collapse while the person is on them, but if your ladder’s weight rating is too low, that is exactly what could happen. Choose a ladder with a weight rating to hold both you and your equipment.

Avoid Common Stepladder Hazards

Follow all safety guidelines with your stepladder. Don’t stand on the top-rung or top cap. Stay between the rails.

Make sure you take a look at the document for a few more safety tips!