Setting-Blogging-Goals-is-Very-Important-make-things-happenThe end of the year and start of the next year is always a time for self-reflection and of goal setting, at least for me. My main goal for this year is to find ways to help others be safe.

Join with me this year in having a goal to help others be safe too. Here are a couple ideas to help you develop your goal:

  1. Think of what your team needs to work on.

Are your team members choosing the wrong ladder for the job?  Are they always overreaching? Are they forgetting ladder inspections?

  1. What is a realistic goal to set?

Depending on what you’ve chosen to focus on will depend on what will determine a realistic goal. You also want to make your goal measurable so you can see if you’ve accomplished the goal at the end of the time period or not.

  1. When would you like to accomplish the goal? Will it be over the course of the entire year, or a little more short term?

The answer to this one will also be determined by the goal you choose. Some goals may take longer to accomplish while others may just take a month or two.

  1. What steps can you personally take to help your team accomplish the goal?

The answer to this one will depend on your situation and your team. Involve yourself as much as you feel is necessary to meet the goal.

I’m a big believer in setting goals and working to accomplish them. Hopefully these few tips can help you get some ideas on how you can help your team be better.