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Stepladder Safety Tips

The Little Giant Dark Horse

Stepladders are one of the most common tools on a job site, but a lot of people continue to use stepladders incorrectly. The following are just a couple of things to remember when using a stepladder so you don’t become of the statistics we talk about here.

•Always use your stepladder on level ground
•Never overreach when using the ladder
• When you need a ladder, use an actual ladder rather than a makeshift, homemade option
• Have all four feet of the ladder are on a firm, dry, level surface
• Before you climb, clear the work area of any clutter so you can work safely
• Inspect the ladder carefully for any cracks or loose pieces
• Unless the ladder is designed to be a leaning ladder, only use the ladder in a fully open position. Always lock the side braces and cross braces before climbing
• Always wear proper footwear with good tread when climbing
• Never stand on the top cap or rung of the ladder
• Be aware of your surroundings and other people around the ladder
• Keep your body centered on the middle of the ladder.
• Do not lean to reach items while standing on the ladder
• If you need help while on the ladder, don’t be afraid to ask for help
• Avoid lifting or carrying any heavy items while climbing up or down the ladder
• For electrical work, use a ladder made out of non-conductive material
• Do not use stepladders to support work platforms

Ladders and Nail Guns

A man in Kansas fell from his ladder while holding a nail gun.  He had been renovating a house when he slipped off the ladder, holding the nail gun. Unfortunately, his hand slipped and he pulled the trigger while he was falling, shooting a gun into this head. He was able to walk to the site of a traffic accident to request help from a police officer. The man was in critical condition.

The nail gun part of this accident is especially tragic, but we are so glad it sounds like he will be ok.

In cases like this, it is a good reminder to use your ladder safely. You will want to take precautions, especially when you are using power tools.


More and more Travels

I’ve been on the road doing lots and lots of traveling. Here are just a few pictures of my latest adventures.

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Thanks to the Wieser Brothers for keeping people safe

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Man Injured in Fall From Ladder

A man from the UK fell from his ladder and got seriously injured. The man had been working in a warehouse when he had his accident and was rushed to the hospital.

As is common with accidents like these, the news article didn’t have much information. One thing we can say for sure is that everybody can benefit from a little ladder safety training. We can’t say what caused the accident, but a ladder safety training will help employees use their ladders more safely, preventing accidents.

A ladder safety training will cover a lot of topics, including:


Choosing the correct ladder

Setting the ladder up correctly

Using the ladder correctly


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