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Ladder Safety at Work

The ALI is focusing on Ladder Safety at Work this week.  If you use a ladder at work, let’s talk about a few ways you use your ladder safely while you are working.

-Start by choosing the right ladder for the job. Choose the right type of ladder and the right size ladder.

-Always inspect the ladder

-Make sure the ladder’s feet are in good condition

-Set the ladder on firm, level ground. If you don’t have level ground, use a ladder with levelers or outriggers.

-When using an extension ladder, make sure your ladder extends three feet past the landing point.

-Always maintain three points of contact when climbing up or down the ladder

-Avoid setting your ladder in front of doors or in high-traffic (both vehicle and pedestrian)

Looking for Some Safety Reading?

Safety+Health Magazine put together a list of their most read articles from 2018. If you’re looking for some great safety-related reading, make sure to check out this great list!

Read the whole list here

Check out the articles, and share below what you’re favorite article was!


Ladder Safety Training

March is here! Which means it is the Third Annual Ladder Safety Month! Let’s talk for a minute about the importance of getting trained on how to use your ladder safely. You might say, “I’ve used or have seen ladders used my whole life, they can’t be that hard!” Ladders themselves are simple to use. Climb up. Do your work. Climb down.

Unfortunately, using them safely is not quite that simple, which is why we have ladder safety training. A training will teach you how to choose the best ladder for your job. It will also teach you how to safely inspect and then set up the ladder. You will also learn how to use the ladder the safe way.

In honor of Ladder Safety Month, sign up for a free Ladder Safety training!

DIY Job Gone Bad

A 70-year-old was using a ladder near his front door when his wife, who was inside at the time, heard a bang. She went outside to check on him but found him on the ground. He tried to stand up but fell back down to the ground.

The man fell about 10 feet, hitting his head on the concrete path. He was flown to a major trauma center, but the damage to his head and brain was too severe. After brain surgery, he remained on life support while they attempted to get his brain function back. Unfortunately, the attempts were not successful. He was a husband, father and grandfather.

It’s hard to know what lead to the man’s accident because nobody was there to witness it, but there is no denying it. This accident was tragic. Today, we will leave this post at that. Please remember to work safely so you aren’t one of these stories we share.

The Day of Love: be safe for loved ones

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means it’s a day for love!

Why are we talking about Valentine’s Day on a blog focused on ladder safety?

Let me tell you.

Traditionally, today is a day we use as an excuse to buy flowers, chocolates and other gifts for our loved ones. We focus on them and the good things about life. We can use today as a jumpstart to remind us of the importance of safety so we can be there for our loved ones.

Today’s post will be short, but sweet. Celebrate Valentine’s Day today by returning home to your loved ones safely today and every day.

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