We haven’t done a lot of products features on this site since the main focus is ladder safety and ladder safety training. In reality, an important part of ladder safety is having the right equipment. Today I’m going to talk about a ladder that had its debut last month at NSC. The ladder is the SafeFrame from Little Giant Ladder Systems.

The SafeFrame has an innovative design that helps combat known ladder safety issues.

No Top Rung

One of the most common ladder safety issues is people standing on the top cap and top rung. Since the top rung serves no structural purpose, the top rung on the SafeFrame was engineered out. Instead, the engineers made the last standing rung wider to make it more comfortable. They also added comfort grooves into the top cap to add stability around the knees.

Another common safety issue is not knowing where the last rung is. The SafeFrame has the Ground Cue, an audible signal when the operator has gone to the last step. You can also get the SafeFrame with Ratchet Levelers to help with unlevel ground.

Overall, the SafeFrame is the next step in ladder technology. This ladder addresses common safety concerns and provides a great solution to them. Here’s a video to show you more about this ladder.