As an Ohio company recently found out, failing to take care of employees’ safety can lead to major issues for the company. A plastic and ruber manufacturer was cited for 44 health and safety violations, resulting in $400,775 in penalties.

The company didn’t properly train new employess on how to safely handle hazardous chemicals. They also failed to provide equipment such as personal protective equipment and fall protection to employees. In addition, they didn’t train workers on lockout/tagour procedures. These major violations could have led to serious injuries, or even death, at the company.

The article had a quote from Larry Johnson, OSHA’s Columbus Area Office director.

“Employees are at increased risk when they are not adequately trained and effective safety and health procedures are not implemented. Employers are required to train employees on their first day about on-the-job hazards and safe handling procedures, and provide personal protective equipment to keep them safe.”

While the violations were not directly related to ladders, I think the story of this company is an important one to remember. We need to put the safety of our employees first, even if that means paying a little more upfront.

How much is a life worth?