Do you have projects around the house you’re trying to finish before winter?

As you work, make sure to do it safely.


Every year, ladder accidents cause expensive injuries to thousands of people. Before using your ladder, here are a few questions to ask:

-Is a ladder necessary for this job?  Would scaffolding be a better option?

-Is this ladder safe? If a ladder has broken or loose parts, or has failed any part of an inspection, do not use the ladder. Find a replacement ladder or wait until it has been repaired.

-Has the ladder been set up correctly? Secure the ladder, make sure the ladder is stable and on firm ground. Also, make sure the ladder is at the correct angle.

-Are you using the ladder correctly? Stand between the rails and don’t over-reach.

Never stand on the top rung or top cap. Don’t hang your tools or paint cans from the rungs.

Always remember to have three points of contact.