scaffolding accidentThis week, I read an article about a tragic scaffolding accident. The article talks about builders who were working on a movie set, but who fell when the scaffolding collapsed. The scaffolding accident resulted in two workers getting injured and one worker dying.

How could this accident have been prevented?

Make sure you choose the right type of scaffolding for the job. You can create scaffolding with the Little Giant Plank and your Little Giant articulating ladder. Or, you can make a suspended scaffold with cable and rope or system scaffold like the ones you see in building construction. Depending on the job will depend on the best scaffolding option.

Keep Weight in Mind

If you put too much weight on your scaffolding system, the system will fail and anyone on the scaffolding will get injured. Make sure you check to see how much weight the system can hold and factor in the weight of equipment when determining how many people the scaffolding can hold.

Make Sure the Ground is Solid

When setting up scaffolding, make sure the ground is not soft or uneven. If it is, the scaffolding system will sink, making the area workers are standing on uneven. This unevenness could cause a terrible accident for the workers, since it will be difficult to stand if the scaffolding begins to tip.

Beware of Electricity Risks

Unless our entire system is made of fiberglass (and even then), make sure to steer clear of any power lines or anything else that conducts electricity.

Make Sure Everything is Secured

If you are using a planking system with your ladder, make sure the plank is secure so it will not slide off the ladder rungs. Having the standing platform fall while people are standing on it is a sure way to cause a major injury, so always make sure your platform or plank has been connected properly.

Keep these tips in mind when you set up scaffolding, especially if you are using a ladder to do it.